Innovative Cut

12th January 2009
Today was the briefing for a brand new module, Innovative Cut. It looks really excited and I can't wait to get stuck in and working on the research sheets. This week we've been asked to get some fabrics, and to do some research on Japanese designers, and Margiela, as they use innovative cutting methods, which is an important part of this module. I'm going to go over to Dewsbury and get some fabrics to do some samples with.

19th January 2009
Today I did some samples and began to do some research inspired by the designers, and my chosen words 'twist and curve'. I'm not really sure what direction I want to go in at the moment, and I do feel like we're being pushed to get research done a bit too quickly. I don't feel ready to work with fabrics, and I don't want to waste time until I have an idea that could be inspiring.

26th January 2009
During this session we had a workshop to try and come up with a garment idea based around our research. I'm really didn't feel ready for this, and although I like what I've done, it really was pot look! I need to really crack on with research in my own time this week so I know what I'm doing. I think I'm going to start looking at twisting and distoring pictures of figures, combining the twist and curve words together.

9th February 2009
Today we've been working on patterns and first toiles. I really cracked on last week (as I really had to!), and now I feel a lot more focused. I'm also feeling better as the tutors have realized that we really did have too much to do, and people were horribly stressed, so they've pushed the deadline back for this module which is great news. I know now that I have time to do a really good garment rather than rushing it. I think I want my pattern to be soft and twisted. I don't want there to be any darts of straight lines, so it will twist and curve around the body.

23rd Febraury 2009
Having made my pattern and a toile, I'm pleased with the garment, but I do need to make some alterations. The length isn't right, and the side panels need to be changed to fit better. Its also a bit small so I need to add an inch or two to the front and back so it'll fit better!

I just need to decide know what I'm going to do about side details, and if I want the detail to be overlocked or edged in bias binding.

2nd March 2009
This week I have been finalising my pattern and I believe I am ready to start on my final garment. I am eager to get the project in as soon as possible as I am aware that I have many other modules on the go at the moment! I have been experimenting with the side panels and have decided that larger abstracted forms and overlocking in a contrasting colour work best to bring out the shapes and styles of the garment. This feature needs to be fairly complicated to bring out the simplicity in the main garment.

16th March 2009
Over the last few weeks I have been going through my research and checking that everything is there and works well. I'm very pleased with my paper work. I think it is strong, appropriate and well thought through. I only hope that my final garment is good enough. I need to get started on it! I seem to have so little time! I have cut out and overlocked the pieces, and intend on starting the sew them together soon!

23rd March 2009
This week I have been putting together my final garment and I'm afraid its all gone rather badly! The pattern turned out to be too big and so I had to take the stitches out and re-sew, which has left hole marks in the fabric and looks a little odd. Secondly, the overlocker hasn't been working well and it has left a bit of a mess on my hem and sleeves. I don't want to turn them up as that is not the kind of finish I was hoping for, but I'm worried that if I leave them like this, then they will look very messy and unprofessional. All in all, I'm very disapointed. I want to start again but have neither the money for fabric, the time, or the patience. I think I must realise that sometimes things don't go right and this is my project for that! Hopefully, the paper work will keep my mark at a reasonable level.

1st April 2009
This week I have decided to hand all my work in. I know the deadline isn't for a long time, and I did want to re-do my garment but I have had a very difficult few weeks and I am just eager to go home. I am aware that I will not receive a fantastic mark for this project and do understand why. I know I shall be disapointed, but it is my decision and I shall have to live with it! As I said, hopefully my paper work will help to bring my mark up.


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