Digital Realisation Techniques

23rd October 2008
This week we had a session on video editing and production for the new module was really interesting and I've learnt a lot. However, I'm going to come in for a day over reading week and do some practice to write up some detailed notes and produce some sceen shots for my file.

I've never used IMovie before and although I find it a bit confussing I think it's something I can get better at, like everything, with practice.

7th November 2008
Today we had a session on Illustrator, which is so relevant to the course at the moment. I've learnt loads of new skills, and Bruce was really patient with us so if we had a problem, we all felt like we could ask him. I really want to use these new skills in my range plan- but its time consumming and I need to get some practice in. Still, its a really good thing to learn, and I know I'll use this information in the future.

14th November 2008
Today we had a sessions using Flash Animator which was really tricky, but really satisfying to see it all come together. Bruce worked through a few basic animations with us, so we could see how they work and then we tried to do a couple of our own. To begin with, I really struggled as its just not something that comes naturally to me, but I gave it a good try.

19th November 2008
This afternoon we had a session on using professional photography equipment and techniques which is, again, something totally new to me. Out tutor showed us how the equipment worked, what all the options were on the cameras, how to use and edit lighting, and generally how to take a good, ad flattering picture. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot. I got into a group with Kate and Claire and we spend the rest of the afternoon playing around with the equipment ourselves and taking some photos. Some of them have turned out really well. I've realized that the more you practice, the better you become. Claire and I have said that we would like to book out the studio again and take some more photos that we can develop for the project. I'm particularly interested in taking some action shots, and I've asked Gemma Goldstone, who is a dancer to allow me to take some action shots of her that I can then play around with in Illustrator. All in all, its been great.

28th November 2008
This week has been dedicated to an introduction to Dreamweaver. I've never used it before, and I'm sorry to say that I found it unnecessarily complicated!
I don't understand about web coding and I doubt I ever will. However, I did listen intently and I've written myself some good notes to follow in the construction of my own website next week. This week I want to carry on exploring websites and do some research on the kind of layout that I think works the best. I really do want to prove, that although I'm not great with technology, I'm trying my best, and I'm eager to learn. I know how important it is to have all these skills in the industry and so I'm really trying to to pick them up.

6th December 2008
This week I worked to put together my website and to create some animations. I've found it quite difficult, as some of my links wouldn't work, and some of the pictures just wouldn't go in properly, but I tried hard, and I think I've put together a decent attempt!

12th December 2008
This week, I've been putting the final touches to my website and making some animations. I'm quite please with how one of my animations have turned out. Its just a bit of fun, but I think it shows that I've tried to do quite a lot of things and that I want to learn and develop these new skills.

19th December 2008
Overall, this project has been really good. I do feel like I've learnt a lot, and I know that I'll continue to use these skills in future projects. For me, learning how to use Illustrator has been really useful, and I've spent loads of time working on it, even for other modules.
I feel like I've tried everything and that I've put together a good portfolio of work.

19th January 2009
(71%) Getting my mark back was a real relief. I had hoped I would do well , but to get a first is great. Its definitely boosted my confidence, and I know feel that I'm a lot more likely to keep using these new programs, as I know that I can do it!


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