Career Aspirations and Action Plan for Year Three

Career Aspirations
· Initially in a commercial business such as House of Fraser.
· However, the designers are restricted to produce garments that appeal to a wide range of customers and this could frustrate me in terms of limited creative scope.
· This could be a good starting point though for getting some industry experience before potentially becoming a designer for my own business.

Press Office:
· A good way to build up some important contacts in the industry.
· Although there are staple jobs to be done, every day is different.
· Not very creative, more admin based.
· Plenty of career opportunities in magazines/fashion companies etc.

Fashion Buyer:
· Three levels; Buying assistant, assistant buyer and buyer.
· It takes about six years to work up to the role of buyer.
· Very admin based
· A chance to liaise with the design department and have a chance to be creative.
· Plenty of career opportunities as most fashion companies require buyers.

Action Plan for Year Three

· Practice sewing (using industrial machines) over Summer to improve my technique.

· Be more patient when I make garments. Problems will occur, I should be prepared for these and I shall have to deal with them in a patient manner.

· Experiment with a less formal approach to illustration. Don’t be afraid to play with different media and more contemporary illustration techniques.

· Practice using moulage as a pattern making technique rather than relying solely on flat pattern cutting techniques.

· Develop the use of video as a method of research and ideas development rather than as I final piece. Don’t be afraid to experiment with video as a way of combining images and discovering shapes.

· Keep an eye on the jobs that become available over the year. Even if the positions get filled, it’s still important to see the kind of jobs that are on offer as well as what is expected of a candidate.

· Update my CV with work experience completed and my portfolio regularly with strong images.


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