Research Practices

6th March 2009
Today we had the briefing for the new module, Research Practices. I can't deny, I'm a bit disapointed. I was hoping this project would be really experimental and would be a combination of all our skills from over the year: cad, photography, pattern making, illustrations etc. Instead, its based on out critical studies work, which is a module, no-one has really enjoyed. I know it is supposed to allow us to be 'open' and choose our own approach, but in fact, using critical studies makes it very limiting, and I don't see how academic work, which is essentially non-image based, can be transfered into research and inspiration for creative work. It's all just a bit frustrating. I've decided to look at organic architecture, and neo-plasticism. In other words, I'm looking at Frank Lloyd Wright and Mondrian; harmonic lines, aesthetically pleasing designs and simple organic shapes. I just hope I can feel inspired by this topic!

20th March 2009
Over the last two weeks I have been working on my research and ideas pages. After a difficult start, the project is definitely growing on me. I have found a good deal of inspiration in the visuals of Mondrian's studio and Wright's waterfall house. I have started doing some ideas sheets and sampling and I think I have some intital thoughts that I could work with in the designing of my toile. My only worry is that my ideas are too architecture based, and they will come out too structural. I want to play around with shapes and panels but I also hope to find some softer lines that could balance the design out. I intend on playing with shapes on a mannequin to try and combat this problem!

27th March 2009
Today I have been working on a pattern for a toile. I decided to do it in half scale as I find this less intimidating to work with, and I expect problems with the complicated panel design, so making several versions in half scale will save time and calico! My first pattern has worked fairly well, the pieces fit together well but I think it is too complicated on front (with all the panels) and too simple in shape. I need to minimise the detail and play with the introduction of the shapes I've found into the action garment shape, such as playing with the sleeves etc.

2nd April 2009
This week I have been working on adapting the pattern and coninuing with potential toile designs. My second toile has not worked well, due to the sleeve shape, and I am confussed how to prevent this. I shall try though, and continue to experiment with pattern shapes and styles.

13th April 2009
Over the last few weeks I have been developing the final pattern for my toile. I am pleased with the design, it appeals to my research into balance, shape, structure and harmony but is modern and interesting in shape. I intend to finish my toile this week before I go on work placement, so I can do my designs over the three weeks I am away.
I have also started on my statement of intent. I have looked over my research and feel that the idea of balance and organic harmony can be developed further next year. I just need to source some images, which I hope to get from books.

15th May 2009
During my placement in London I have been working on the designs for my final collection based on my toile which I managed to finish before I left. The pattern has worked very well and I am pleased with it. I have managed to continue with the details from this toile and develop them further into the collection. My only worry is that the shapes are limiting, and so i do intend to add some shapes from my previous research into the designs to add variation but also balance. My main aim for this week is to source fabrics appropriate to the season, and pick out my final collection.

19th May 2009
This week as been my final week on the project and I have been colouring my designs, greating a range plan and illustrations. I have felt a little stressed as it has been hard to do work over placement, but I know that I will get everything finished. I have also been working on the mood board for my statement of intent. The images look strong and are relevant to my topic, I just need to finish the text and type up the bibliography!

22nd May 2009
I have just handed in the project and I am very glad of it! I am pleased with what I produced and feel that my statement of intent will provide me with plenty of ideas and research starting points for next year. I am a little disapointed with my illustrations. I'm not sure if they're infitting with my collection style, but they are a bit creative and different. I wanted to try and show that I didn't just do everything on the computer aswell! Anyway, I am glad this project is in, and I hope to do well.


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