Working as a Student Ambassador

So, this year, I've realized that as much as it pains me, I have no time for a job- but like all students, money is tight so I need to earn some someway. Hence, I have decided to become a student ambassador. I get paid £7.20 an hour, its only at college which is really close to the plaza where I live, and it will alos look really good on my CV!

My first session was a full day- helping out on a HE open day. I had to give a tour, talk to students and parents, and also discuss the fashion course with prospective students. It was tireing but really interesting and I think I was helpful- answering people's questions as best as I could. It's also really good, because I know that if I can't work because of College work, they're going to understand which is a calming consideration.

This Saturday, I had my second experience working as a student ambassador. Unfortunately, this time, it didn't run quite as smoothly and I left feeling very disheartened by the experience. In brief, it was a total shambles! It wasn't organised well and we were left having to amuse 200 guests for 40 minutes whilst the organisers decided what to do. The guests got more and more frustrated with having to wait around and we were left trying to pick up the pieces. Eeek. It wasn't good at all!! I just hope that they ask for our feedback and we can provide them with out notes on how these events should be organised.
Throughout the year I have had the chance to get involved with several college events. I have found the experience enjoyable and I have learnt a great deal about the workings of the college. I hope to carry on with the role of student ambassador next year!


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