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Sunday 12th October 2008
This week has been really good, and I really feel like I'm back- getting into the swing of things again. On Monday we continued with out group work for the Miu Miu collection. I was struggling slightly to find inspiration for my research, but after another visit to the library I feel inspired again and I have some really exciting images to work from. I want to play around with media, and we really need to decide on fabrics. This is something that we can't agree on and I'm gettin very frustated with. Kate and I went to Dewsbury to find more fabrics, and we think we've got some winners, but we'll have to see because some of the group are very difficult to please!

This weekend I went home for my dad's birthday. I was ready to go home because I've been in Leeds a month now. I slept so well in my bed thanx to the general silence of the countryside- a good deal different to the town centre. I was also really glad to see my parents and they we're really encouraging and interested in my current projects which is always nice to hear.

Sunday 19th October 2008
I've been finishing off all my ideas pages to go with my research aswell and I'm sure I've got loads of shapes and textures and ideas to work with. I want to get some design development done this week so I can enjoy my reading week and not feel too stressed. We've had a few group meetings and it seems we're all on the right track. We've decided as a team to look at zips as our main fastening, use oversized cuffs and collars, and have strong geometric garment shapes. Hopefully these ideas will tie it all together as a range.

All in all its been a busy but successful week I think. Plenty to keep me busy with over reading week.

Monday 10th November 2008
This week my group has been working hard to finish our designs and put together our final range plans. We've been working well as a team, and after a long discussion last week, we've all put in the work this week to make sure that out range's all work together. As previously discussed- we're concentrating on zips, oversized collars and cuffs, quilting and geometric shapes. Hopefully by combining all these elements and our individual research our range's will work well together. On Friday I was taught how to use Illustrator which was really interesting as it was a new skill for me. I'm not great with new technology- but it went well, and I'm keen to practice these new skills in the development of my final range and the production of flat working drawings. I don't think I'm confident to draw all my working drawings on illustrator from scratch, but I think I could certainly use Illustrator to edit them and lay the page out. So, this week its range plans to do, and also some research on swing tags and bags for our presentation. We've decided as a group to make these out of recycled cardboard, to add a sustainable feature to our collection. We also want to add a print, and having looked at our ideas, we decided to use a page from Kate's research as a print design. It works really well with the label- is bold but detailed and striking. I also think it ties all the range's together and helps us to show our research into Moroccan culture as the print is based on a Moroccan tile design. My only worry at the moment is time. We can only use computers with scanners as we need to scan in images for the range plans, and our only day off is Wednesday, which doesn't leave a lot of time. This afternoon, all the computer rooms are booked out until 4pm which is unfortunate and does mean that I can't get the head start I wanted for tomorrow.

Monday 17th November 2008
This week I have been working madly to finish my range plan and work on a small accessories collection for Miu Miu, which I'm hoping will compliment my designs and show that I have thought thoroughly about the aesthetics of the collection as a whole. Caroline suggested that I should alter the colour of my background and make it just a little lighter, which is a fair point, but is proving to be a little complicated as stupidly I flattened my work on Photoshop. However, I'm sure that it will look better and be worth it.

We've had a discussion as a group about the layout of our work and have reached a decision as to how all our range plans should look together. Which is a positive outcome and should help our work to culminate well together in the presentation of our final collection.

This week, to be honest I have found myself feeling a little stressed about everything. I know its nearly the end of the project, but its also nearly the end of term and we still have a lot to do overall. I suppose I'm just getting very tired and would love a day or two to relax and do a bit of Christmas shopping, as so far its right down at the bottom of my list of priorities. Eek!

Sunday 23rd November 2008
I decided to be a bit more relaxed this week, and even gave myself a day off for Christmas shopping which was nice. I have however, still be working hard and I have been trying to make final alternations to my range plan as well as putting together my 6 product development sheets.
I think the sheets are looking good, but could do with a bit of editing here and there.

Also, the skin colour of my figures has gone yellow which is a bit odd, I'm going to see if there is anything I can do about this. My only worry is that these sheets aren't neat enough; they're quite sketchy etc. However, I'm going to re-look over them this week, ask for some advice and edit them accordingly.

Sunday 13th December 2008
This week I have been trying my best to finish off the entire project to ensure that I have plenty of time to finish the other projects. I've been working on my product development sheets, and after a chat with Caroline and a bit of editing here and there, I feel confident that they are finished. I've also finished the range plan, and so now all we have to do is the presentation as a group and my final evaluation. The presentation shouldn't be too stressful, and I've txt everyone to make sure they have their range plans and illustrations done for monday so we can put them all on the final presentation. I also want to make sure that we all have plenty of time to reherse it all. My only worry is that some of my group aren't going to be finished on time, and so I'm going to talk to everyone on monday and make sure that everyone is happy, and give them help if they need it.


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